We are a band of five guys from Sarasota, FL who encourage recycling and giving back by playing music on instruments that we make ourselves from garbage and recycled materials.

The band started in March of 2010. After seeing Jack build his first guitar from a recycled cereal box and an old yardstick, Ollie had the idea to make a band that played music exclusively on instruments made from trash. Click Here to see our instruments.

We now have five members and have made more than fifteen instruments that we play at our shows. We perform regularly across the country, on the streets, and at festivals and charity events. In addition to many Florida venues, the band has played at CNN, NYC Hall of Science, Times Square, Atlanta's Fox Theater for America's Got Talent, St. Petersburg's State Theatre, Tampa's MOSI, The National Guitar Museum Exhibit, and many others. We have been featured in The Blue Man Group Invent an Instrument, NPR's Science Friday, Time Magazine, Wired, and our PBS Gulf Coast Journal segment won an Emmy. We've been featured in a book called Garbology, written by Edward Humes, and even appear in a Chinese middle school English textbook!

The band recently recorded a CD of some of our originals and unique renditions of hit tunes. We donate proceeds from this CD and our other merchandise to both local and national charities. So far, we have raised over $6000.

The musicians are:

Ollie Gray:
Jack Berry: Guitar
Harrison Paparatto: Sax, Trombone, and Violin
Evan Tucker: Bass
Austin Siegel: Chromatic Percussion

The instruments are:
Electric Guitar - The electric guitar is a 1-stringed, plucked string instrument featuring a cereal box body, yard stick neck, bottle cap pick-up, lipstick bottle bridge, tooth pick frets, and shoelace strap. It is the lead instrument and is used to play melodies.



Electric Bass Guitar - The electric bass guitar is a 1-stringed, fretless bass featuring a cereal box body, yard stick neck, comb bridge, soda can thumb rest, and duck tape strap. Occasionally the upright bass is used in place of the electric bass for songs that require a more jazz-like feel. It is made from a wooden box and a PVC pipe.


Alto Saxophone - The saxophone is a keyless aerophone with holes drilled to play an E♭ pentatonic scale. It uses a Corn popper toy for the body, a balloon for the reed, and a medicine bottle ligature.


E♭ Contrabass Bugle
- The bugle is made from re-purposed PVC pipe and a traffic cone for the bell. It is limited to notes within the harmonic series because the embouchure controls the pitch.

- The trombone is made from re-purposed PVC pipe and a oil funnel bell. It uses a slide made from PVC and a mouthpiece made from a bottle.

Flute - The flute is made from a small section of PVC pipe with drilled holes to play an E♭ pentatonic scale. It is keyless.
ViolinElectric Violin - The electric violin is a 1-stringed chordophone played with a shoe horn bow and made from a cereal box body, paint stick neck, clothespin bridge, and cassette tape tailpiece. It plays harmonies and leads.


ViolinDrum Kit - The drums include various items found in the garbage. The kit features a paint bucket snare, water jug toms, compost bin bass drum, metal trash can lid cymbals, tin can cowbell, and a porcelain bowl gong. The drum kit is used to keep time and fill empty measures.







Mailbox Snare DrumMailbox Snare Drum - The mailbox snare drum is made from an aluminum mailbox we found by the road in a neighbor's garbage can.
ViolinChromatic Percussion - The glass bottle idiophone is made from recycled glass bottles and uses tooth brush mallets. It can play chords and melodies.






Our Current Set List

We play music from all genres, but mostly classics from the 50's, 60's and 70's. Email us for a copy of our setlist or any song requests you may have thefabgarbagemen@gmail.com